2023-03-12: Safari Sampler

Today I thought I would share a selection of a few different safari images. Part of the excitement of being out on game drive is never quite knowing what you may see around the next bend in the road or over the next hill; but, on a South African safari, you’ll probably have the opportunity to see all of these at some point.

A vervet monkey inspection some leaves.
A young male lion doing what lions do best – snoozing!
An elephant strolling by.
Giraffes and zebras aplenty.
A pair of rhinos grazing in the late afternoon.

2022-12-04: Returning after a long hiatus

An elephant seen in Madikwe, South Africa. November, 2022.

It’s a challenge to get back into old routines when they’ve been allowed to slip away. This seems to be true for a variety of things, from health and fitness routines to participating in hobbies. The last post I shared was back in January, almost a full year ago. At that time, I needed to let photography and posting slide as I was trying to deal with my final semester of school (plus raising a new puppy and dealing with other life challenges). Once school ended in May, I thought I would be able to easily jump back in to doing all the things, but that wasn’t my reality. Instead, I eventually came to the realization that I was burnt out, and needed to give myself some time and space to add things back into my schedule.

At the start of November, I embarked on the first trip I’d taken since 2019. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to focus on things that I enjoy, and pick my camera up again. While I still have lots of different places I want to visit, heading back to Africa felt like the right thing to do. I wanted to be back amongst elephants.

It didn’t take long before creating images felt natural again, and I am hoping I will be able to find the same with editing in due course. I’ve played around with a few different types of software over the years, but have decided to try Capture One for cataloging and editing. Right now, it feels like a steep learning curve, however, I think returning to Lightroom would likely feel the same after being vacant from editing for almost a year.

I’m looking forward to working through my images and sharing some of the experiences I had on my trip over the next while. I’m hopeful I can get back into a routine of creating and posting.

2021-05-23: Bull Elephants

I felt drawn to work on some elephant images, but wanted to find a slightly different spin, so I focused on some of the sightings that I had with bull elephants the last time I was in South Africa. Encountering a lone bull, especially one in musth, can be risky business, and I am always grateful for the skilled rangers that handle the encounters with so much skill (while at the same time, providing lots of interesting information about the animal).

2021-03-07: Elephant in Timbavati

I ran out of day before I ran out of my to-do list, but thought one image was better than nothing. And if it is only going to be one, it better be of my very favourite 🙂

We came across a huge herd of elephants on the way back to camp after our morning game drive whilst staying at Kings Camp in the Timbavati; you can see we were well into the morning by the quality of light and the shadows, but it was too wonderful not to stop, even though the photo opportunities were a bit challenging. No matter where I looked, close to the vehicle or father off, there were elephants in every direction. A happy place indeed.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

2021-02-01: Monochrome Monday

As noted yesterday, my computer is dismantled for the time being while I work through some office reconfigurations, so today I’m sharing a few images that I have shared before. It’s just what caught my eye when looking through my media library, rather than a specific theme.

Enjoy, and have a great day!

2021-01-25: Monochrome Monday

Continuing on from yesterday, here is another elephant image showing little and large. Take a look at this tiny tike out in the open on the road while Mom and another guardian browse in the bushes. This one was probably still small enough to get tucked under Mom’s belly if needed.

2021-01-24: Elephants – Little and Large

I felt called to work on some elephant images this week, and as soon as I came across a the first photo I thought a selection of images showing little and large would be just right. I can’t even put into words the magic that I feel when spending time amongst elephants, and a breeding herd is extra special, with the lovely bonds and all the extended family pitching in to help look after the little ones.

I was fortunate to have a huge number of elephants sightings on y last trip and have lots of images to choose from. Which is a good thing, because it is still going to be a long while before I’ll be there again.

This little one was one of the smallest members of the herd, and was heading back to Mom for a suckle. This sighting was during a late afternoon game drive from Chitwa Chitwa in the Sabi Sands.
A tiny elephant calf almost obscured by the low brush, following behind what was probably an older sibling or aunt. This sighting was at Kings Camp in the Timbavati, and we were amongst a large herd of elephants. Every direction we looked from the vehicle there were ears flapping and trunks browsing. Heaven!
A cheeky youngster making itself look very big and imposing by flaring out its ears. Too cute!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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