2020-09-13: Uganda Revisited

For the last few blog posts, I have been revisiting my journey through Uganda and editing some photos that I passed by the first go around. It’s been wonderful to review these images and relive the memories that I carry of that wonderful journey. Today and tomorrow will be the last of Uganda revisited, and after that, I am going to be moving on to revisiting my time in Kenya.

These images were taken at Queen Elizabeth National Park while staying at Ishasha Wilderness Lodge, along the Kazinga Channel while staying at Mweya Lodge, and in the Kibale Forest, where I stayed at Primate Lodge.

I hope you enjoy!

A yellow throated long claw seen in burnt vegetation along the side of the road, just after coming into Queen Elizabeth Park from Bwindi.
A beautiful sunset while on a game drive from Ishasha Lodge.
A leopard and a topi. This leopard has in fact taken the topi’s small fawn which was why she was standing and looking at the leopard so intensely.
A group of pied kingfisher seen while on a birding boat cruise. The number of pied kingfisher we saw was unbelievable, as they were nesting in the tall sand banks of the channel. They were there by the hundreds.
A woodland kingfisher see along the Kazinga Channel
Traditional boats along the Kazinga Channel.
A red-tailed monkey I spotted while walking around the grounds of Primate Lodge.
A malachite kingfisher seen while on a birding cruise along the Kazinga channel.
Toti the chimp telling our group what he really felt about us (assuming that means the same in chimp language!)

2016-12-04: Birds of Southern Africa

I was going through my folder of edited photos and realized I have a large number of random bird photos ready to go.  Which is good, because I’ve not managed to get out and capture any of the local wildlife lately!

Even splitting the group of photos I found into two, I’ve still got a fair number of bird photos to post in the future!

I hope you enjoy, and have a great day!

A magpie shrike perched in an acacia tree.

A lilac breasted roller perching beautifully for a photo.

A pair of kori bustards in the Kalahari Desert.

A green backed heron hunting along the edge of a dam.

A brown hooded kingfisher.

A sacred ibis flies over on of the swamps of the Okavango Delta.

An African wood hoopoe.

2016-09-04: Cee's Photo Challenge Feathers

I noticed this challenge before taking off on holidays, and thought it would be a great chance to showcase a series of photos I had edited and saved in a folder titled water birds.

I hope you enjoy!

A rufous bellied heron.

An African darter drying its wings.

An egret stalking in the shallows.

A mixed group perched in a dead tree, including African spoonbills and sacred ibis.

An African jacana.

A grey heron standing very close to a nile crocodile.

A brown hooded kingfisher.

A pair of malachite kingfishers.

A hammerkop.

A pair of pied kingfishers in the Okavango Delta.

Please note, I’m away for several weeks, so I have scheduled some posts in advance. I will moderate and respond to any comments just as soon as I am able.

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Cee’s Photo Challenge: Feathers

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