2020-09-20: Selenkay Conservancy

For the last few weeks I have been revisiting my trip to East Africa in 2016. Today, I have some images from the Selenkay Conservancy and Amboseli National Park. The main reason I went to East Africa was to visit Uganda and trek to see gorillas, but since I was in the area, I added on five nights in Kenya. It was a place I had always wanted to travel to, and the add-on gave me a bit of a feel for the country; which I absolutely want to explore in greater detail in the future.

One thing I didn’t get to see in any real detail was Kilimanjaro. All of the amazing images from Amboseli of elephants with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background was not my experience, as it was quite hazy and I inly had a brief glimpse of the mountain. Hopefully next time!

I hope you enjoy my selection of images for the day. You can find some older posts from my trip here and here.

One of the homes in a Maasai village that I was able to visit during my stay.
A gerenuk stretching for tasty leaves on an acacia.
A gazelle and her calf.
A secretary bird strutting along.
A flock of flamingos at the Amboseli marsh.
A pair of gray crowned cranes.
A curious hyena cub

2016-10-07: Feel Good Friday

I’ve seen secretary birds on my past trips to Southern Africa, but it seemed that I always encountered them either in terrible light, or at such a far distance they were little more than specks (or both!).  This past trip I was spoiled for choice, and saw them several times in Uganda, and every day while in Kenya.  It was very interesting to watch them high-stepping through the grass, looking for prey.

The difference good light makes is amazing.  The same camera and lens combo was used for both photos.

This photo was from my trip last year to South Africa, and basically the best I could capture of a secretary bird.

A secretary bird strutting past our vehicle in Masai Mara National Park.

Happy Friday everyone!

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