2023-02-25: Hippos on land

While on a day trip to Chobe National Park, our group did both a game drive and a boat cruise, which was similar to my experience in Chobe 2013. In 2013, we saw multiple hippo pods in the river, most with huge numbers of members. On this trip, hippos were another animal that was a rarity, but we did get some good sightings while on our boat cruise of a few individuals, both in the water and on land feeding. Our cruise was in the afternoon and the light was quite harsh, but I still happily varied between snapping photos, watching the scenery, and sipping on a few local beers.

Hippos are impressive in their bulk, and if you have the opportunity to see them open their jaws fully, you can truly appreciate why they are such a dangerous animal. While we can laugh about it now, it really wasn’t a funny situation when our boat stalled in 2013 and drifted dangerously close to a hippo pod. Thankfully our guide got it started and us to a safe distance before anything bad happened.

Here are a few hippo images from my day in Chobe in November, 2022.

A hippo being closely followed by an egret, which feed on the insects disturbed by the movement of the animal.
A hippo with a couple of oxpeckers perched on its back.
A grazing hippo. Chobe National Park, Botswana. November 2022

2017-04-01: WPC Dense

The WordPress prompt for this week is Dense.  Rather than post a selfie (ha ha ha), here are some photos from East Africa that fit in with the theme.

A crocodile ensures that a group of wildebeest crossing the Mara River stick very close together in the rush to get out of the water.

A portion of the wildebeest herd tightly packed, waiting to cross the river.

A pod of hippos sunning themselves in a quieter spot along the Mara River.

Wildebeest as far as the eye could see.

A large group of flamingos take flight over the Amboseli Swamp.

A chimpanzee swings through the lush vegetation of the Kibale Forest.

A squacco heron almost disappears amongst the dense vegetation at the side of the Kazinga Channel.

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WPC: Dense

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