2016-06-19: Artistic Impressions

This week we have had some truly awful weather (I heard it referred to as Junuary, and that was pretty appropriate since the high one day was 6C with 60+mm of rain) and as such, I haven’t been out with the camera much.  So, I thought I would share a few of the photos I call my ‘Artistic Impressions”.  Generally, I like to keep colour photos as true to life as I can remember, and take my liberties with monochrome edits to highlights the subject to it’s best advantage.  Sometimes though, a photo seems to be asking for more, and I take it (for me) to an over the top place.  I’ve been having some fun recently doing more of these artistic edits, and thought I would share a few today, since I don’t have anything else.

Have a great week everyone!

20160619_Artistic Impressions3
My sunset shot in the Sabi Sands got photobombed by a dragonfly.  
20160619_Artistic Impressions2
An interesting afternoon in the Sabi Sands, the skies built and a fantastic electrical storm followed about an hour after this.
20160619_Artistic Impressions
Dead Vlei in Namibia; reducing the saturation really made the footprints in the dunes stand out.

2016-04-05: WPC Landscape

Looking back through my photos, I think some of the most stunning landscape photos I have were taken in Namibia.  The amazing contrasts of such clear blue skies and the red sand, to me it was just breathtaking.

20160405_WPC Landscape
While on route to the dunes around Sossusvlei, we pulled to the side of the road to have a chance to capture the sun rise. April, 2015
1/250sec, f22, ISO 360


WPC: Landscape

2016-03-11: Feel Good Friday

I came across the hashtag #FeelGoodFriday on a photo this morning, and not only was it a beautiful image that made me smile, but it inspired me to pick a photo pf my own as a feel good Friday photo.

This is one I have wanted to edit for a while, and doing so has made me happy.  The light in the desert of Namibia is so magical, I hope I captured a bit of that.

Enjoy, and TGIF!


2016-01-05: WPC Circles

As soon as I saw this week’s topic, I knew exactly what I would share – the fairy circles of the Sossusvlei desert in Namibia.  I was lucky enough to see them from the air, and also from the top of a small dune while out quadding my first evening in the desert.  No one had an explanation of how they were formed; nothing grows in them, the are simply barren sand surrounded by scrubby plants.

There’s a Wiki pages with more info about them, in case you are interested: Fairy Circles – Wikipedia

20160105_WPC Circles-2
A view of the fairy circles from the top of a dune (taken with my mobile phone). April, 2015
20160105_WPC Circles
A view of the fairy circles from the air. We saw several areas with these on the flight from Windhoek to Sossusvlei. April, 2015

WPC: Circles

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