2016-04-05: WPC Landscape

Looking back through my photos, I think some of the most stunning landscape photos I have were taken in Namibia.  The amazing contrasts of such clear blue skies and the red sand, to me it was just breathtaking.

20160405_WPC Landscape
While on route to the dunes around Sossusvlei, we pulled to the side of the road to have a chance to capture the sun rise. April, 2015
1/250sec, f22, ISO 360


WPC: Landscape

2016-03-22: WPC Dance

20160322_WPC Dance
“Okay, for the last time, you put your LEFT paw in, and your left paw out, you put your left paw in and shake it all about.” 

A little cheetah hokey pokey for this week’s WPC theme – Dance 🙂

WPC Dance

2016-01-17: WPC Weight(less)

A bit late with posting this one, but this little one is too cute not to share.

20160117_WPC Weightless
An airborne cheetah cub. This little one was having a great time wrestling and chasing its siblings around, as well as pouncing on Mom on occasion.
Phinda Game Reserve, May 2015
1/1000sec, f10, ISO 1250

WPC: Weightless

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