Mama and Baby Elephant

This photo was taken April 2013 while on a safari boat cruise at the Chobe Marina Lodge in Botswana.

I was lucky enough to travel for two weeks in Southern Africa with my parents, and on this morning, we saw many breeding herds of elephants.  This baby spent a great deal of time in the river playing.  She was rolling in the river, submerging herself and sticking her trunk up, spraying water around – generally behaving like a small child having a great deal of fun on a warm, late summer day.

I took hundreds of photos that day. Actually, probably closer to a thousand, but this view remains my favourite.  Seeing mama and baby in perfect step with one another, heading off to a new area to graze and play, was amazing to view in person.  Looking back at it now brings a smile to my face.

Mama and Baby Elephant

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