Lion at Londolozi

Now that I am FINALLY finished my Bachelor of Commerce degree, I have been able to start taking photography courses.  Learning more about photography technique is something that I have wanted to do for awhile, I just never had the time.  I was so excited to be finished my degree; to have more free time to pursue other interests, but in the end, I lasted a measly 7 weeks without any school.  I just enjoy learning new things.

In Saturday’s class, we were working on an editing process and asked to bring in a minimum of 100 shots, and they could be recent or something that we did previously, as long as it was shot in RAW.  So I packed up about 800 pictures from two days at Londolozi, and headed off to class.  At the end of our editing exercise, we had to submit the 8 best edited shots we had.

The woman that sits next to me described it as “Sick!” – I was pretty sure that was good, but I actually double checked on urban dictionary to be certain (and then I felt old….)  I think this photo falls into my top ten shots taken at Londolozi and probably in my top ten shots of the entire trip.


This beautiful Lion (I believe he is referred to as Hip-Scar Majingilane, but I could be mistaken) provided us with wonderful photo opportunities.  He was located right at the entrance to the property, and was very casual around us, and went about his business grooming, snoozing and staying very still for great shots.


I could have spent the whole day watching this fella, and I imagine if I had the opportunity to see him daily, I would never grow tired of it.


***November 30, 2015: Note I’ve had to update this post as I had to reload the original images that I included with this post.

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