Belted Kingfisher

A couple of weekends ago, I was out for my usual morning walk with Spencer when I finally had the chance to get some photos of the kingfisher that I have been seeing intermittently for the last year.  The kingfisher was out along the river where I normally see the herons and ospreys, so I wasn’t able to get the crisp, clear shots I have been hoping for all this time.  But, I had a great sighting, which is all that really matters to me!

While we were on our return along the dikes, the kingfisher was flying from one wooden post to the next, in the same direction we were headed.  I tried a few shots each time she stopped at a different location, but the distance was the always just about the same, so there wasn’t much difference in the shots.  Right near the end of the dike, I stopped to take one more shot, and managed to catch a sequence of the kingfisher diving, catching a small fish, dropping it, and then flying away.

Belted Kingfisher Belted Kingfisher-2 Belted Kingfisher-3 Belted Kingfisher-4 Belted Kingfisher-5 Belted Kingfisher-6Belted Kingfisher-7Belted Kingfisher-8 Belted Kingfisher-9 Belted Kingfisher-10

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  1. How fun!!! I love the reflection of the kingfisher in the water and the perspective of how small she is compared to the wooden posts! Fabulous moments captured!!

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