A different view of an oxpecker

I was quite good about going through my photos while I was away, adding keywords and even doing some ratings, to make it easier to sort through when I got home.  Until I had my session in a bird hide that is.  The volume of photos was so immense (over 1200 from two mornings of shooting) that I wasn’t able to work on them while away, and so any time over the last week that I have had to work on my photos, it has been spent working on bird identification and adding keywords.  Not that I mind that type of work at all, it just seems like forever since I have posted anything.  Hopefully, now that I am able to actually sort through my photos effectively, I’ll be able to get back into posting more routinely.

Now for today’s photo.  I chose this because before my hide session, I had never seen an oxpecker anywhere but on the back of an animal (giraffe, buffalo, rhino etc.).  We had quite a few visit during the time in the hide, and several even came right up to the glass to investigate.  While my main camera was on a tripod, I had my macro lens on my second body and was able to snap this shot of the bird less than a foot away.


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