Vulture Silhouette

If you been following my blog for any length of time, I think you’ve probably noticed that I enjoy silhouette photos.  Especially of birds.  While staying at Chitwa Chitwa, we stopped for a sundowner and just as I picked up my glass of wine, I noticed the vulture in this tree.  Actually, there were two, but the photo of both of them didn’t work out so well (perhaps if I had the 150mm-600mm then…)

I’ve included here both the cropped image as shot, with only a pass of Nik’s output sharpener as my editing, and one that has been further enhanced with both Silver Efex and Colour Efex.  I’d be interested to know if there are any preferences.  I like both (or I wouldn’t post them!).

Have a great evening.

This is the un-enhanced photo.
This is the un-enhanced photo.
And this is the one that's had just a little work done.
And this is the one that’s had just a little work done.

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  1. I prefer the second one, because of the colors and the contrast. I love how on the edited version the sky has this kind of gradient pattern and since there’s more light the contrast is much more noticeable – it just makes the image so much more interesting in my opinion 🙂

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