2015-11-22: What I’ve seen this week

This will be a brief one, as I haven’t taken many photos this week.  I’ve seen a few interesting things that didn’t translate into photographs though; like the tracks of a moose passing through my yard (and from what I can see of the hoof print and the stride, a large one as well).

My Tamron lens is back from sick bay, and I am hoping I will get a chance or two this week to take it out on my walks and see if it is working properly again.  The extra reach will be nice as the grosbeaks seem to be just a little too far away a lot of the time to get any photos.

Have a wonderful evening – hopefully I will have more to share next week!

20151122_What I've seen this week-2
Spencer has been having a lot of fun zipping around the yard after our walks, playing in the small amount of snow we currently have.
20151122_What I've seen this week-3
Sunset is happening really early these days – this was just after 4pm! Some beautiful colours peeking through from behind the evergreens.
20151122_What I've seen this week
A female pine grosbeak hopping between branches, working on the pinecones. I’m hoping one day I’ll see one of the brightly coloured males in light like this; it was such a beautifully sunny day! 1/500sec, f6.3, ISO220

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