2016-01-03: What I’ve seen this week

Last week it was all about the birds, this week, it was pretty much all about the deer.  They stopped by singly, in pairs and in a group of four, and were around every other day, if not more.  The one day I didn’t take my camera out on my afternoon walk, I spotted the great grey owl again.  I got a snapshot with my phone, but as it was getting dark, I didn’t head back out with the camera and try to capture some better photos.  I spoke with one of my friends in the neighbourhood, and she said that the owl has been spotted in her yard a couple times, and I am quite certain I caught a brief glimpse of him or her as she flew into the bush last week.  Fingers crossed I’ll get to spend more time with the owl in the future.

I picked up some additional editing software during black Friday sales, and have finally had the opportunity to play around with some of it.  Hence all the photos look completely different this week, as I wanted to see what different filters and treatments did.

I think that’s about all, so onto the picture.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

20160103_What I've seen this week-7
Browsing through the selection of evergreens in the yard.
20160103_What I've seen this week-8
The lovely grey jay, enjoying a nibble from the deer feed bowl.
20160103_What I've seen this week-5
The whole gang together. In the fall I would see either a group of two or a group of three in the neighbourhood. Either they have lost a member overall, or just split into different groupings when I saw them before. Regardless, it was great to have them all here.
20160103_What I've seen this week-6
A few moments after I shot this, two of the deer headed off into the forest.
20160103_What I've seen this week-2
A pair of pine grosbeaks perched on a small evergreen in the back yard.
20160103_What I've seen this week-3
Enjoying a new years eve lunch.
20160103_What I've seen this week-4
Taking a pause from eating. Isn’t he a beautiful boy?
20160103_What I've seen this week
I keep the bowl full and what do I get? She sticks her tongue out at me while I’m taking her photo! The nerve 🙂
20160103_What I've seen this week-9
On my afternoon walk today, I found a happy face in the snow. When the universe smiles at you, smile back 🙂
20160103_What I've seen this week-10
A watery winter sun tries to peek through a combination of clouds and fog.

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    1. Thanks very much! I was looking at the image again and thinking of there were a few more bird involved, they would look like Christmas tree ornaments. I’ve always thought that particular tree is perfectly shaped for decoration.
      Have a great day.

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