2016-01-10: What I’ve seen this week

Earlier this week, I was getting concerned that I would end up with another weekly post dedicated to deer and bird, birds and deer; so I headed out in the yard with my macro lens to play around a bit and see if I could come across anything interesting.  Also, it was simply a gorgeous, brilliant blue sky day, and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend fifteen minutes while taking a lunch break from my work.  I also got out that evening for a few night sky shots.

Don’t worry though, most of the photos are still deer and birds!

I hope you enjoy my selections for the week.  Have a great day!

20160110_What I've seen this week-9
An older male with lots of scars. I wonder what his story is? Clashes with other males perhaps?
20160110_What I've seen this week-7
This girl has a very unique left ear… and a hearty appetite for birdseed! She makes quite a mess, but the redpolls and grosbeaks seem to enjoy pecking around in the snow for all the seeds she’s dumped out.
20160110_What I've seen this week-8
A younger male who happened to be heading into the yard while I was outside with my camera (and refilling the bird feeders). He kept to the bushes, luckily in some beautiful light.
20160110_What I've seen this week-5
Beautiful light on a beautiful bird – a northern flicker.
20160110_What I've seen this week
It was snowing quite heavily at the start of the week, and this young deer was cloaked in snow from tip to tail. I loved this view though, something a little different.
20160110_What I've seen this week-10
The young male pausing for a portrait.
20160110_What I've seen this week-11
My little walking buddy, wanting to get in on the photo action when I took my camera out on a morning walk for a pretty sky at sunrise.
20160110_What I've seen this week-2
For the past few weeks, I’ve had a few common redpolls every day at the feeders. Early this week though, I ended up with an entire flock in my backyard. Here is a smaller part of the group, all trying to get to the suet cake.
20160110_What I've seen this week-3
Not a great shot, but I included it anyways just to show a part of the redpoll flock. I counted 28 on the ground, and there were loads up on the feeders as well.
20160110_What I've seen this week-4
Something startled one of them, and they all scattered. That repeated a few times throughout the morning.
20160110_What I've seen this week-6
An evergreen with a light dusting of snow.
20160110_What I've seen this week-12
This could have been so much better, if I hadn’t been too lazy to go to the detached garage and turn off the exterior lights. I’m including this as a reminder to self to take the time to do the proper prep work!

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