2016-01-18: What I’m sharing this week

I’ve modified the title a bit this week, since I’ll be honest, I’ve really not been out with my camera very much, and the few photos I do have, I think would be better for tomorrow’s Monochrome Monday post.

So instead, I thought I would share a sample of a project I worked on in November and December for a Christmas gift – a custom colouring book.  It was a really fun project to do, and was very popular with the recipient as well.

I’ve included a few pages as a PDF available to download, if you are interested in printing them out and having a relaxing time with some coloured pencils.  It’s my first attempt at making a PDF available for download, so fingers crossed I’ve done it right (It should be an easy control click or right click and select download linked file).

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoy, and have a lovely evening.

20160118_Blue Cheeked Bee eater_.jpg

Jen Sawicky Colouring Book Sample


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