2016-02-16: Artistic Impressions

A couple weeks back, I edited an owl photo with an artistic edge, turning it into something more like a painting than a photograph.  (You can see here if you missed it).   Now I know that’s not to everyone’s tastes, but I found it a really fun process, something that I would like to play around with once in a while.

I don’t know how often you’ll see the Artistic Impressions post title, but when you do, you know it will be something a bit out of the box.

I hope you enjoy my artistic impressions!

20160215_Artistic Impressions-5

20160215_Artistic Impressions-4

20160215_Artistic Impressions-2

20160215_Artistic Impressions-3

20160215_Artistic Impressions-6.jpg

20160215_Artistic Impressions

These and others are available for purchase on my Smugmug site.

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