2016-03-13: What I’ve seen this week

Last Sunday brought clear skies and a showing of the aurora; unfortunately I knew I would be really busy Monday morning, and decided to just hang around the yard and snap a few photos.  I did see a few glimpses, but I’m sure if I would have headed for an area with fewer tall trees, the view would have been outstanding.

I spent a bit of time outside today watching, and photographing, the redpolls.  I don’t think they will be here for much longer, but I know their absence will be filled with other birds heading back after wintering further south.

Signs of spring are all over the place; tree branches in bud, and more visible ground than snow, though yesterday we had quite the afternoon storm with driving wind, hail and a bit of snow.  My attempts to photograph the near sideways hail left me flat.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week; here are the photos.

20160313_What I've seen this week-3
Aurora glow and a satellite passing by.
20160313_What I've seen this week-2
The house, garage and forest getting in the way of a clear shot!
20160313_What I've seen this week
There was a green glow to one side of the house, and magenta on the other.
20160313_What I've seen this week-5
The hairy woodpecker stopped by one morning for some suet and to browse the trees in the back yard.

20160313_What I've seen this week-4

20160313_What I've seen this week-7
The lovely redpolls.  I will be sad to see them leave, they are very spirited and chirpy in the yard.

20160313_What I've seen this week-6

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