2016-03-25: Feel Good Friday

After my last trip, I had around 50 bird images in Lightroom labeled “Unknown”.  The majority of these weren’t even good images that I would ever do anything with, but that Unknown labeled irked me.  Any time I would come across one while doing other worked, it made me feel like there was unfinished business I needed to attend to.

So this past week I spent a couple evening going through all of them, with my trusty Roberts app, and doing my best to identify them.  I may not have gotten them all right, but I’ve done my best, and the few photos that seemed worthy of further editing are included below.

It’s nice to start the weekend with some unfinished business cleared up.  That’s my Feel Good Friday moment.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend 🙂

20160325_Feel Good Friday-10
Village Indigobird
20160325_Feel Good Friday-7
White Breasted Cormorant
20160325_Feel Good Friday-8
Cardinal Woodpecker
20160325_Feel Good Friday-9
Senegal Lapwings
20160325_Feel Good Friday-5
Arrow Marked Babbler
20160325_Feel Good Friday-6
Green Backed Heron
20160325_Feel Good Friday-3
Common Buzzard
20160325_Feel Good Friday-4
Chinspot Batis
20160325_Feel Good Friday-2
Pale Flycatcher
20160325_Feel Good Friday
Green Wood-Hoopoe

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