2016-04-26: Namibia by Air

I’ve seen only a small portion of Namibia, but what I did see, was absolutely breathtaking.  We utilized small plane transfers to move between lodges in different regions, and combined a scenic air tour of the coast on one of the transfer legs, in order to squeeze in a bit more sightseeing into a very picked itinerary.  I’ve posted a few photos from the air transfers before, but decided to edit the balance I had flagged and create a single post of images.

I hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful day!

Namibia By Air
Passing a deserted road winding along the hills, while flying on a 4-seater Desert Air plane to Sossusvlei. 1/1250sec, f11, ISO 400
Namibia By Air-2
Gorgeous textures in the hills, and such a wide variety of colours.
Namibia By Air-3
There were amazing views in every direction, and through all the flights, we only saw a handful of vehicles, until we got very close to either Windhoek or Swakopmund.
Namibia By Air-4
Red dunes as far as the eye can see, topped with a fine layer of fog.
Namibia By Air-5
Leaving Sossusvlei and heading for the coast.
Namibia By Air-7
On of the many shipwreck along the coast of Namibia.
Namibia By Air-6
I believe this was an abandoned mining community, but I’m not 100% sure. Whatever it was, the sand is reclaiming the land back to nature.
Namibia By Air-8
Tire tracks along the beach of people that had recently been by to view the wrecks up close.
Namibia By Air-10
We flew over several huge flocks of flamingos… I hope one day to see these birds up close to photograph them.
Namibia By Air-9
Where the dunes meet the sea.
Namibia By Air-12
The sand and water make such beautiful patterns.

Namibia By Air-11

Namibia By Air-13
Flying along a dry river bed into the Damaraland area of Namibia.


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