2016-05-01: What I’ve seen this week

The back yard continues to get busier, as more and more birds are heading into town.  The warm weather has also meant trips to the garden centre to start sprucing up the yard, and getting some colourful flowers to contrast the sea of green.

This weekend has flown by, and there is still much to do, so I will leave it at that and get to the photos.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

20160501_What I've seen this week-9
Not the sharpest photo, but nice to have evidence of a few rufous hummingbirds getting along, and sharing the feeder.
20160501_What I've seen this week-10
A pileated woodpecker seen on a morning walk.
20160501_What I've seen this week-7
The purple finches have arrived, and along with the yellow pumped warbler, are filling the yard with lovely songs.
20160501_What I've seen this week-8
The yellow pumped warbler – he’s quite a shy one!
20160501_What I've seen this week-5
From the trunk up… I have no idea what type of tree this is, but it was one of the things that caught my eye while doing a photo walk downtown early this week with my local photo club.
20160501_What I've seen this week-6
Lovely blossoms, but again I ave no idea what variety.
20160501_What I've seen this week-3
I saw three deer while out on my bike Sunday afternoon, and then this single one spent a great deal of time in the yard on Monday.
20160501_What I've seen this week-4
I snapped a few quick photos of this bird before it flew away; I was unable to tell until I got it on the computer that it is a red breasted sapsucker.
20160501_What I've seen this week-2
Another view of the lovely deer that visited on Monday.
20160501_What I've seen this week
Enjoying the backyard salt lick.

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    1. Thank you, I most certainly am lucky! In my old home when I opened the window, I listened to traffic (or the neighbour’s music!) Now I open the window and hear the birds (and a very chatty squirrel).

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