2016-06-14: WPC Pure

It was wonderful watching the group that these two zebras were a part of; there were several youngsters in the group, but this little one was by far the tiniest.  She spent lots of time nuzzling close to mom, and when she curled up for a rest, Mom kept a watchful eye and was never far away.

I find it so peaceful to spend time bearing witness to these animal’s lives, if only for a few moments.  That’s my take on this week’s topic: Pure.

20160614_WPC Pure

WPC: Pure

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    1. Thank you Yousuf! I think sometimes the antelope and other animals are overlooked a bit on safari as people are very keen to see the “Big Five”, but there are wonderful moments to witness whether it’s a big cat or an impala 🙂

    1. Thanks Mukal, I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 I’ve been doing my usual 4-5 posts a week, I’m not sure why they haven’t been showing up on your feed, but I’ve been hearing of a few runny things with WordPress lately. Have a great day!

          1. Hi Mukal, a Pingback is a link to another post – for example on the wordpress photo challenges I add a link on my post back to the wordpress challenge page, and with that, the post shows up both on my page and the challenge page. Hopefully that makes sense!

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