2016-10-20: WPC Edge & Nostalgia

Here’s a blog post that hits two of the WPC photo challenge topics at once.  When I read the description for the edge challenge, I knew that some of the shots I took while flying between camps in Kenya would be a great choice to share.  But being on those planes ties so well into the topic of nostalgia for me.  Being in a small plane (especially up front) takes me right back to being a kid, heading up with my Dad in a two or four seater plane, and flying around either sightseeing, or heading to my Grandparent’s cottage.  Great memories and such fun times 🙂

During my transfer from Nairobi to the Selenkay Conservancy adjacent to Amboseli, I was lucky enough to be the only passenger on the caravan plane, and the pilot was nice enough to invite me to sit up front with him. As you can see, there is a reason that bush pilots buzz the runway nice and low before banking and coming back around the land. Hitting a zebra would not be good!


The camera was level, honest!  Taken during a steep bank after buzzing the runway at Selenkay Conservancy.
Air transfer between Nairobi and the Masai Mara.  I wasn’t lucky enough to get a seat up front on this one, but the views were still awesome.

WPC: Nostalgia

WPC: Edge

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