10-30-2016: Vida Voices Collection

I am very excited as I have been wanting to share this opportunity that I have been working on for some time!

Jennifer Sawicky – Vida Voices Collection


I have been working on creating textile designs from my photography with a company called Vida.  I was hesitant to make any announcement about it until I had product in hand; now that I have seen the tops and scarves, I am confident in the quality of the products that they are making.  I have been having lots of fun editing my photos for this project, utilizing both photo realistic and stylized designs.


This is something that I will be working on over time, and as I add some new designs, I will share them here as well as on my Facebook and Instagram pages.  Certainly if you have any suggestions of photographs that should be added, please do let me know!


As always, you can find my work available for print sales here.


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