2016-12-02: Feel Good Friday

My first day in Buhoma in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, my group took an afternoon village walk with a local guide.  It was a very interesting experience, as we had the opportunity to tour the local school and meet one of the teachers and some of the students, walk through the village market and trek up the hill to visit the pygmy village.

I must admit, the walk up the the pygmy village had me winded and left me very worried for the gorilla trek that happened the following day!  Here I was huffing and puffing along, and had young children passing me carrying large containers of water home; it certainly made me appreciate the luxury of opening a tap at home for water even more than I did before.

A welcome dance from the Batwa villagers.  Wearing hats made of natural materials was very important to the elders of the group.

After we left the pygmy village, we stopped to talk with locals making banana beer and banana gin (I passed up the opportunity to try either), and were treated to another dance by a group of locals.


Near one of the shops in the village I spotted this sign; what an excellent example of diversified business strategies!


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