2016-12-19: Monochrome Monday

Something a little different for today’s Monochrome Monday.  During last week’s full moon, the moonrise happened while I was out on my afternoon walk with Spencer.  I hadn’t planned on taking any photos, but it looked so lovely rising above a farm in my neighbourhood, I had to try to capture a few quick shots.  It was also -28C and standing still for any length of time was not going to happen (neither was spending much time without my mittens on!)

Handheld with a fairly slow shutter speed, I managed to get a clear shot, but it was so dark and noisy, it wasn’t going to work as a traditional landscape shot.  So I played around instead, and came up with this interpretation.  It’s very dark and moody, but I liked it and thought I would share.

Have a great week everyone!

20161219 Monochrome Monday.jpg


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