2016 Year in Review #4

Coming in at #4 in my year in review was the post 2016-04-19: WPC Dinnertime.  The WordPress photo blog prompt for the week was about mealtimes, and vultures feasting  on a carcass fit the bill perfectly.

After my time in Kenya, I have a different take on dinnertime to share.  We spotted a lion couple right after leaving camp on an early morning game drive, and the male decided that what was left of the wildebeest carcass was going to be his, and his alone.  He dragged the kill a good hundred metres or so before settling down again for a rest.  The female followed along behind, but didn’t try to get too close.  I’ll have more photos from this sighting to share in the future, but I hope you enjoy this one for now.

20161228 Year in Review 4.jpg

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