2017-02-13: Monochrome Monday

I’ve shared some photos and stories before from my time at a Mara river crossing, and thought I would share a few more images for my monochrome Monday post.  I hope you enjoy, and wishing everyone a great week.

A lone gazelle tries his luck crossing the river.  My guide explained that the gazelle typically cross in small groups or alone, as there is a huge risk of them being crushed by the larger wildebeest and zebra.  Unfortunately, crossing alone makes them prime targets for the crocodiles.
Part of the first wave surging up the bank.
There were only a handful of zebra amongst the herd.
The crossing came in waves; a group surged across, struggled to get up the banks, and just as the last few wildebeest worked up the bank, the next wave would surge forward to cross.
Chaos and the herd mentality.


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