2017-03-21: WPC Atop

The WordPress prompt for the week is Atop – photographs showing a vantage point of being above the subject.  I hope you enjoy my selection of images from my travels.

The expanse of the Amboseli National Park, and a dust-devil in the distance.  Viewed from the Amboseli lookout point.
Another view from the Amboseli lookout.  
Coming in to land at the airstrip in Selenkay.
A view of a Maasai village from the air; somewhere on route to Porini’s Mara camp.
Above the clouds.
Near the Ishasha Wilderness Camp, we found a lovely spot perched over the river valley, the perfect place to watch the sunrise.
From our perch in Ishasha, not only did we watch the sunrise, but we also watched some hyena hassle a group of crowned cranes.
Another day, and the start of another lovely sunrise in Ishasha.


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WPC Atop

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