2017-05-30: WPC Danger

This past weekend, my Mom and I were discussing one of her friends that is terrified of birds.  So in honour of the topic of Danger, here is a post that is only spells danger for Norma Jean, and anyone else with ornithophobia.

Caution, beaks and feathers ahead!

taveta golden weaver
A golden weaver on thistles in Amboseli.
A flock of gulls take to the skies above the Kazinga Channel, Uganda.
My personal favourite, the lilac breasted roller.
A little bee-eater seen in the Mara.
Flamingos take to the air over the Amboseli swamp.
A kori bustard struts his stuff.
A yellow-billed stork searches for dinner in the shallows along the Kazinga Channel.

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WPC: Danger


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