2017-07-13: WPC Collage

The photo challenge topic for the week is collage, and I was inspired to look through my recent photos to find collages created by mother nature.

I enjoy flying, especially when I have the opportunity to snap a few photos out the windows.  The perspective provides a great opportunity to understand the landscape in a completely different way.  The vast opens spaces become a collage of different shapes, textures, colours and tones when viewed from the air.

20170713_WPC Collage-2
On route to the Skeleton Coast from Hoanib Camp.  Undulating dunes, small trees, rocky hills and a small lake.  I’m sure the water is long gone by now!  Namibia, April 2017.
20170713_WPC Collage-3
The beauty of the Okavango Delta.  The landscape is filled with small lakes and rivers, game trails and islands.  Botswana, May, 2017.
20170713_WPC Collage
Flying over the Damaraland region on route from Hoanib to Ongava near Etosha.  The landscape was varied with rolling hills, rocky outcrops and dry riverbeds.  Namibia, April, 2017.

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WPC: Collage

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