2017-08-04: WPC Textures

The photo challenge prompt of the week is textures.  There are a lot of directions that this can be taken; I decided on a combination of animals in their environment and animal portraits.

I hope you enjoy my take on texture.

Agama Lizard, Kenya, September 2016.  I like the contrast of the colourful, scaly agama lizard against the drab brown tree trunk and the spiky thorn branches.
A lioness walks through the desert in Namibia, April, 2017.  Desert environments can seem one dimensional from a distance, but they are full of an amazing variety of textures.  Sharp rocky outcrops, weathered wood, shifting sand, sparse vegetation and of course, the landscape occasionally dotted with animals and birds.
Dense fog, dry grass, the pitted sides of a termite mound.  Oh, and a cheetah too 🙂  South Africa, May 2017
Soft fur, spiky whiskers and a whole lot of slippery slime.  A leopard cub plays in a very swampy area of the bush.  South Africa, May 2017.
The wrinkly skin of the elephant is mimicked in the tree branch shadows falling above the eye and on the ear.  Kenya, September 2016.


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WPC: Textures

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