2017-08-13: Smoky Skies

Wildfires have been raging in British Columbia for the past two months, and while thankfully we have remained removed from the height of the chaos, we are definitely close enough to feel the effects.  My city has been one of several hubs for people that have been evacuated from their homes due to the proximity of the fires, and depending on the wind and other atmospheric conditions, we have been on occasion inundated with smoke.

The past week has been smoky on and off and I’ve been photographing the intensely orange sunrises over the past few days; things turned quite eerie though yesterday afternoon, and this morning the smoke is so thick, I’ll be foregoing my normal walk around the neighbourhood.  It’s rained on and off through the night, and it smells like a huge, washed out campfire outside at the moment.

Here are few images from the past week.

Sunrise yesterday morning while out walking.  
A reflection of trees on my car, which was covered in a layer of fine ash.
Sunset is currently around 8:45pm.  This was last night at 7:01pm.  The sky began turning a strange yellow/grey/green colour around 2:00pm, and it just got creepier as the day wore on.
Sunrise through a layer of smoke on Wednesday.
This morning outside my home; the smoke hanging thickly amongst the trees.  An hour later, it’s grown darker rather than brighter.
Tuesday also provided a rather colourful sunrise through a layer of smoke.

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