2017-09-10: WPC Waiting

The photo challenge theme for this week is waiting… showing the moments before the action.  Many of the wild animals that I love to watch so much are incredibly masterful at waiting.  Lions lounge around most of the day conserving energy, and then only truly pursue a hunt when the prey is in the correct range.  Leopards and cheetah are much the same.  Spending time on safari, you must learn to be comfortable with waiting as well.  More often than not, you’ll be spending time with animals while they are in their waiting periods; it’s certainly not all action with cheetahs taking down gazelle at full speed like you see on the wildlife documentaries.  But even so, there’s no other place I’d rather be 🙂

I hope you enjoy my take on waiting.


One of the wild dog pack members, watching the road and awaiting further instructions from the pack leader.  Botswana, April 2017.
A leopard pauses on his afternoon rounds, listening perhaps for the sounds of other leopards nearby, or prey is the distance.  He was very deliberate in his patrol, often pausing to listen, then make a slight correction to the direction he was heading.  Botswana, April 2017.
A lioness looks off into the distance, towards a herd of impala and zebra.  She’s wasn’t making a move at this time, as the herd had spotted her, and pursuit would have been futile.  Much better to watch, and wait.  South Africa, May 2017.


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WPC: Waiting

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