2017-09-21: Vida Collection on HSN

Several months ago, one of the designs I created for my Vida site was selected to be made into a custom item to be featured on HSN! The item is now available and will be featured on the Vida design show tomorrow on HSN in the US.

When I signed on for the feature, I only knew that the product would be a sleeveless vest, but not how it would look.  These are my first views of it, and I think it’s turned out wonderfully.

Amboseli Sunset


My item is called Amboseli Sunset, and was created from an image I took while on a game drive in Kenya last September.

Amboseli Sunset
This is the image I used to create the design.

The link below will take you to the sales page on HSN:



0 Replies to “2017-09-21: Vida Collection on HSN”

    1. Thank you very much for the heads up on the links. Between posting and now the links to HSN changed. I’ve had to update my Vida link as well as the URL was changed for that too. Fingers crossed it’s now all updated and working properly.

      1. Works much better Jen, thank you.
        Can anyone sell products on Vida, or do they select “designers”? I found the intro video confusing. How were you selected to HSN? 🙂

        1. I believe anyone can submit designs and work with Vida. I was originally approached by the company about 18 months ago, and slowly began playing around with some designs using my photography. I have bought a few items for myself, and am very happy with the quality. As for the HSN feature, I don’t actually know the process they use to select designs; it came as a total surprise when I was emailed and told they liked one of my designs and wanted to use it in an exclusive product for HSN.

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