2017-10-29: WPC Rounded

The photo challenge topic of the week is rounded.  And while I contemplated creating a post highlighting all the lovely rounded lines on elephants, I decided instead to offer up a bit more variety.

I hope you enjoy my selection of images.

WPC Rounded1
A view from the top of one of the dunes on the Skeleton Coast.  Namibia, April 2017.
WPC Rounded2
A zebra foal crosses a bend in the road, not too far behind Mom.  Ongava Game Reserve, April 2017.
WPC Rounded3
Trying to capture the sunset from a moving vehicle is not the easiest task, but I loved the way the light was hitting the curves in the road, so I gave it my best shot.  South Africa, May 2017.
WPC Rounded4
A lion pauses at a curve in the road, listening for his brother calling from the distance.  Londolozi Game Reserve, May 2017.
WPC Rounded0
Elephants gather at a bend in the Hoanib River for a drink and a mud bath.  Namibia, April 2017.


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WPC: Rounded

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