2017-11-14: WPC Temporary

Every moment in nature is fleeting, temporary.  The timing of sunrise and sunset shift on a daily basis, the position of the sun, moon and stars differ depending on what time of day or night you look at them, and from where.  Seasons shift as the earth moves around the sun.  So every photograph taken outside, to capture the beauty of nature, is to capture a moment that will never be exactly that way again.

For me, travel photos feel all the more fleeting.  When I capture images around home, there is a sense that I may see something similar again.  But on the road, especially when moving from place to place, there is a real sense that you may never have the chance to travel this particular road again.

This photo challenge topic has taken me on a deep dive into my memories, thinking of beautiful moments captured while traveling, and knowing that there are some places I will likely never return to, and others I hold so close to my heart, and dream of daily, that it seems impossible that I would not end up there again

Sometimes, a sunset is more than just a simple sunset.  Sundowners in the Hoanib Desert.  Namibia, April 2017.


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WPC: Temporary

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