2018-01-01: A New Year Begins

Another year has drawn to a close, and I have welcomed 2018 with open arms. I’ve taken a little break from posting over the past week; it has given me a chance to reflect on my blog, and come up with some plans for the future.

I feel like I lost focus with my blog in 2017; at times posts were rushed or forgotten about altogether; shoved to the bottom of a to-do list that never seemed to get any shorter. I’m sure that is something that everyone struggles with from time to time, and I am very grateful for everyone that continued to view my posts and photos, despite the lack of focus.

For 2018, I have decided that I need to add some structure to my photographic life; in terms of continuing education, time out in the field and with my editing. I have a couple of year long photo projects that I am finalizing, but I am also planning to explore a different topic each month, and use that to guide my reading, shooting and editing. I really thrive when I have schedules and plans of action, so I am hoping that this will ensure that I am getting out to shoot regularly, and be able to post some interesting content each month.

For January, I am going to focus on the frozen world. With the cold temperatures we have been having, it is a timely starting point. I’ll be posting on the topic each Sunday in January, and then move onto something new for February.

I’ll be working to participate more regularly in the WordPress topic of the week, and will still be posting my usual Monochrome Monday and Wordless Wednesday posts.  I still have lots of images from my last trip that I am working on as well, so I should have lots of content to share over the year ahead.

Below are a few photos from out and about over the last couple of weeks; its not much, but it gets the ball rolling.

Here’s to a fantastic year ahead.

This is why I love getting up early.  A beautiful sunrise greeted me while out for a morning walk with Spencer a few weeks ago.
A few of the 7 deer that stopped by the yard late yesterday afternoon.
DSCF0327 copy.jpg
Right now, the time between sunrise and sunset is rather brief.  We do get a beautiful long twilight period though, which looks even prettier with some snow on the ground and in the trees.  A quick snap while out for an afternoon walk, it was too cold to stop and do much more!


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