2018-01-16: WPC – Weathered


The photo challenge topic of the week is weathered, and I have chosen to share some landscape images captured in the Namibian desert.  There, it was easy to see the effects of wind and water on the landscape, both from the ground and from the air.

I hope you enjoy my selections.

While driving through the desert, we came to this spot where the wind and water had carved the sand and soft stone into beautiful shapes.
The tallest of these sand sculptures only came up to my knees.
Some day, these too will be gone, reduced to grains of sand blowing in the wind.
Devil’s Thorn growing in the rapidly drying desert.
20170427-P1020867 copy
Mountaintops weathered flat by the wind.  Somewhere between Hoanib and Windhoek, April 2017.

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WPC: Weathered

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