2018-01-30: WPC – Variations on a Theme

You never know what you are going to find when you are out on safari.  It gets said time and time again, along with the concept of heading out without expectations of specific things that you want to see.  Just being out in the bush is heaven for me, and anything I see is a bonus, so it is pretty easy to stay in that mindset.

While staying at Londolozi, we were on our morning game drive, and our ranger Dave heard about leopard cubs being spotted fairly close to where we were, so we headed off in that direction.  We ended up doing a lot of 4 x 4’ing through the bush, and ended up stopping the vehicle at a rather severe downhill angle, to be able to view the cubs at the bottom of a ravine area.  Soon enough, they decided that napping next to Mom was boring, and began playing with each other, running around fallen logs, chasing each other and generally acting like rambunctious little kids.  The late morning light may have been a bit harsh, but the moment was absolutely epic to experience.

This week’s photo challenge topic, Variations on a Theme, seemed a great opportunity to share a few shots from this wonderful sighting.  I hope you enjoy them; editing them has certainly brought back many happy memories for me.

20180130_WPCVariations on a theme_JSawicky0
Effortlessly moving amongst the tangled roots and branches of a fallen tree.
20180130_WPCVariations on a theme_JSawicky1
Stalking and ready to pounce!


20180130_WPCVariations on a theme_JSawicky3
Heading back down to check on Mom.
20180130_WPCVariations on a theme_JSawicky4
I think that look says “Don’t you dare!”

I posted a few other photos from this sighting, as well as other images from my last visit to Londolozi.  You can find that post here if you missed it before.

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WPC: Variations on a Theme

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