2018-04-23: Monochrome Monday

Such an amazing animal to spend time with on safari.  The social dynamics of the wild dog packs are fascinating to watch, though if they are on the move, it is nearly impossible to keep up with them.  This pack member looks on while some other members were starting to get up and ready themselves to set off.

African Wild Dog – Okavango Delta, Botswana.  May 2017.

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    1. During my past trip we had thee different sightings with the wild dogs. In all of them we were at times less than 15 feet from at least one of the dogs. We’d pull up to a sighting and find a good place to park and then many of them would be moving about, offering lots of different vantage points. When you are on a property that offers off-roading, you can often end up very close to the animals.

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