2018-08-01: July in Review

July’s Topic of the Month – Freestyle!

I was finding it difficult to commit to a topic for the month, so I decide to skip July and just post whatever I felt like on Sunday.  Thankfully Mother Nature really worked with me one week with a great bear sighting as well as a doe and fawn, giving me new images to edit and share.

I tried heading back to see if I could capture a mountain bluebird image this year, but after a bit of a heat wave here in Prince George, the bluebirds and swallows were all gone from the nesting site.  There’s always next year!  Sadly the heat wave also spoiled the plans of the nesting robin; she abandoned the nest about a week ago; I guess they know when the eggs are not viable.


What’s new this month

I recently discovered that you can send free e-cards through my gallery.  That’s completely free, no strings attached.  So if you see an image you like and you’d like to share it with someone, check out the feature.

Simply head over to the gallery, click on an image, and look for the E-Card option on the top right corner.


Five favourites from this month


What’s coming up next?

The topic I have decided to work on for August is exploring editing with Skylum Luminar.  I bought the program a couple of months ago and haven’t really used it in depth, so this will be a chance to do some research on how to work with the system.  I’ll share the resources I use in case there are other Luminar users out there also looking for some tips and tricks, and share the images that I work on each week.  I plan to do this one month with Topaz Studio as well, as I never used the Topaz Suite to the full potential, and the move to studio has left me even less confident.

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