2018-09-03: August in Review

August’s Topic of the Month – Editing with Luminar

I didn’t get out and take many images in August, but I feel like I learned something during my month focusing on editing in Luminar.  The obvious one is that I have learned how to work with a new software program, which is a skill that I am looking forward to honing further in the future.  But taking that step back from the routine of editing that I created when I moved from Lightroom to On1 has been very beneficial in helping me to slow down and really see an image.  To figure out what I really like about it, and how best to accentuate that.

Not having the familiarity with the functioning of a program, it takes longer to edit.  You need to search around a bit to find the tools that you need to create the look that you want.  I’ve needed to really slow down and think about what I am trying to achieve; perhaps an image needs the appearance of more sharpness or the colours are flat and not how I recall them to be.  From there I’ve needed to find the best tool available to me to make that happen.

It’s also been fun to play around with shots that weren’t necessarily keepers, just to see how well the program works.  It’s pretty easy to edit an image without issues; it’s being able to make good something that is interesting to me that was shot under less than favourable conditions, or with less than ideal camera settings.  Being out in nature, there are times when the light isn’t going to be where you would like it in relation to your subject, or the colour cast on an animal will have it look strange.  I want to be able to correct those, and a host of other situations, because great moments are always happening, and I’d rather have a shot than no shot.

So while I still have much to learn about the software, I now feel comfortable using it and I know what filters to turn to first to correct different issues.  There’s still lots to learn but I think my month of Luminar was a great success.

What’s New this Month

I’ve let a few things slide as I have been trying to use as much time away from work that I can enjoy what little summer we have had.  So right now, I don’t have any new items to show you on Vida and I haven’t posted anything new to the galleries this month.  But, if you haven’t checked either out before, there will be something new for you to see.  So feel free to pop over to the gallery and check out some of my favourite images (to date), send someone a free e-card, or maybe buy yourself something beautiful to decorate your walls.  If you’ve not checked out my Vida page before, on that site you can find textiles featuring some of my images; there are tops and wraps, bags and pillows, and scarves to keep your neck cozy as the cooler weather approaches.

Five Favourites for August

What’s Coming up Next?

For September, I am going to take a dive into the Topaz Studio program.  I’ve managed to use the program a couple times, but I don’t find the interface intuitive at the moment, and haven’t been able to make it do what I’d like to do just by playing around with the program.  Topaz has so many different programs that are part of Studio, such as impression, which I love to use for my artistic impression images, so I am looking forward to creating some interesting images to share.

And with that, it’s time to bundle up and take the dog out for a walk.  Because right now, it feels like Mother Nature has turned the switch on summer to off.

Have a great day everyone!

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