2018-10-31: October in review

Another month has come to a close.  I think I am a bit like a broken record now, always saying I don’t know where the time goes and how the days pass by so quickly.  There’s a chill in the air though and several windy days have rid the trees of all but the most persistent leaves.  Autumn is on it’s way out.

October’s topic of the month

Over the month of October, I worked on using all three of my editing programs – On1 Photo Raw, Topaz Studio and Luminar, to compare and contrast the different programs and try to get a good feel for the strengths and weaknesses and in which situations the different programs shine.  I didn’t really come to any strong conclusions, except for images shot at very high ISO, in which case Topaz is my clear choice (specifically being able to use Denoise 6).

What’s new this month

I had the chance to get away for a week and a half in the desert of Southern California, and opportunity to relax and recharge my batteries, and do a little bit of photography as well.  While I was there, I took a night sky photography workshop in Joshua Tree National Park, and look forward to sharing images.  I also had a chance to play around with my new infrared filter.  There are a lot of nuances to infrared photography that I need to learn, but it was fun just meandering in the desert taking photos of cactus and seeing what happened.

5 favourites of the month

What’s coming up next?

For November, I am going to focus on the night sky.  I have some images that I would like to share from California, and hopefully it will stay warm enough that I don’t have to bundle in too many layers to get out at home and capture a few images.  Fingers crossed!



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