2019-02-28: February in Review

I know it is a short month, but February sped by very, very quickly.  And very coldly as well, despite my picking the topic of warm to focus on for the month.  We still aren’t out of the cold, wintery weather up here, but I keep telling myself that it’ll happen any day now.

February’s topic of the month

I chose the topic of warm because looking at the near and long term forecast through February, I just couldn’t see myself getting out to shoot too often.  So instead I went through my unedited image archive and found images from warm places, and warm scenes that made my heart happy.  Perhaps not the most imaginative topic for the month, but at least it got me working through some of my archive.

What’s new this month

All work and no play has made this a pretty dull month!  Hopefully March will be a bit more interesting.

As promised back in January, my calendar pages for March and April are available if you would like to download them to use either in a freestanding calendar holder, or something like a clipboard wall calendar.  I’ll be posting the pages for May and June in the April Month in Review post.

Click here to download the March and April full page calendar

Click here to download the March and April half page calendar

5 favourites of the month



What’s coming up next?

For March, I have decided that my topic will be Signs of Spring.  I’m going to do my best with this one, and may need to use my creativity, especially since -28C is showing on the forecast for Saturday overnight.  Eeek!

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