2019-03-31: March in Review

March’s topic of the month

Heavy sigh, photographically at least.  My topic for the month of March was signs of spring, and I really didn’t get out and capture anything.  I think it would have been wiser to wait for April or even May to really have nice signs of spring to photograph up here, but I was just so anxious to see signs of spring… it was like I was willing it here with the power of my intention.  Even though it didn’t work out with photos, having the topic made me much more aware of the small changes taking place.  The distant early morning call of a robin for the first time this year, seeing my roof shingles, seeing the lawn slowly start to reappear from under the snow, and the absolute joy of going for a walk in runners rather than heavy hiking boots.

What’s new this month

Certainly not many images!  A second Fuji body did make its way into my home though, and I am really excited to be traveling with an X-T2 and an X-T3 for my upcoming travels in May.

5 favourites of the month

What’s coming up next?

April is going to be topic free!  I am trying to work through the last of my editing backlog before traveling at the end of April, so I am going to share what I am working on from past trips.  I know I will be very happy to return home and be able to concentrate on working through new images, rather than still having ones I want to work on hanging around from past adventures.

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