Month in Review – April 2019


April’s topic of the month

April was topic free, as I was trying to work through my image backlog, and just post whatever I felt like at the moment.  And, I am happy to report that I met my goal of getting all of my image backlog edited before heading off on my next adventure.  I finished with less than 12 hours to go, so it was cutting it close, but I am happy to have a clean slate to return to when I get home.

What’s new this month

The snow has finally melted, the temperatures have started to warm up, and I even saw (but didn’t photograph) my first hummingbird of the year a couple of days ago.  I am looking forward to spending some time outside capturing the hummingbirds when I return home from holiday.

5 favourites of the month

What’s coming up next?

I’ll be traveling in South Africa in May, so my regular posts may be a bit sporadic at best.

For those that have been printing out my calendar pages each month, below are the links for May and June:

Full Page Calendar for May & June

Half fold calendar for May & June

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