2091-06-16: Rhinos

It’s Father’s Day today, and as my Dad is always really excited for the opportunity to see rhinos, I decided that would be a good topic for my post today.

I was incredibly fortunate to see rhinos most days on my past trip, and lots of youngsters included in the sightings.  They are still a species under tremendous threat, but it is heart warming to see them peacefully going about their lives, unaware of all people who are working tirelessly behind the scenes to try and keep them safe.

I have been on properties that have dehorned all of the rhino, and on properties where they have been left intact, and horn or not, they are magnificent creatures.

I hope you enjoy my selections for the day, and wish everyone a fantastic week ahead.

One of the many rhino youngsters seen while travelling; this one keeping an eye on us while Mom grazes.
A rhino cow and her calf.  This was actually one of my sightings where I saw two of the “big five” at one time.  This pair was watching a buffalo bull ambling past.
Like elephants, I think rhinos are wonderful subjects for black and white images.  The details of their thick, textured skin really stand out in monochrome.
Sporting a thick coating of mud to protect from the sun and to dislodge parasites.
We were looking for the tracks of lions when we drove up to a small waterhole and found at least eight rhino having an afternoon gathering.  They quickly disbursed into the bushes; I am still amazed at the opportunity to see so many of these animals all at once.  Previously, the most I had seen at once was three.
DSCF4044 copy-Edit
A pair of rhino moving through the bushes, grazing along the way.
DSCF4883 copy-Edit
A pair of rhino grazing as the sun began to set.

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