2019-09-01: August in Review

August’s topic of the month

I chose bird’s for the month of August, partially with the (misguided) hope that I would get out shooting some of the local birds.  Unfortunately, work and life got in the way of that, and the hummingbirds have come and gone this year without my taking a single image of them.

I really enjoyed focusing on birds though, and I still have a lot of images to go through, so I am sure it is a topic I am going to revisit.  I did a lot of the bird image edits in Topaz Studio, as I find that the AI Clear function is excellent for bringing out detail in feathers, without the image ending up looking crunchy.  It makes some images so easy to edit it almost feels like cheating!

What’s new this month

All work and no play are making Jen a very dull girl indeed.  That’s not really true; I have been getting out golfing and enjoying the last of the summer-ish weather, but my photography blog is not really the place to be talking about my golf game!  I haven’t picked up my camera a single time the month of August, and I absolutely need to change that moving into September.

5 favourites of the month


Head on over to my gallery page for more of my favourite images.

What’s coming up next?

I feel like getting creative this month, so I am going to concentrate on sharing some of my artistic impression images this month.  I have a few I have already flagged as candidates for editing, and am looking forward to the task 🙂  Topaz software, where I generally work on these types of edits, has released a new version of Topaz Studio, and I really need to learn how it works, rather than looking at the icon on my task bar, and using the original version instead.  Hopefully this will force me to spend the time watching a tutorial or two on how the new software works, and get it into my workflow.

For those of you that are printing out the half fold or clipboard style calendar pages, here are your links for September and October:

Full Page Calendar for September & October

Half fold calendar for September & October

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