2019-10-31: Month in Review

October’s topic of the month

October was a freestyle month, and really was a mixed bag of Sunday posts.  A couple of posts that focused on leopards (which happen to be my favourite cats), some photo art using owl images and to round it off some examples of different weaver nests.

What’s new this month

We are deep into autumn now, with days growing short and the temperature getting colder and colder.  I’ve again failed on my mission of getting out and capturing any images locally, which again feels like a massive missed opportunity.  So really, not a lot new to share.

5 favourites of the month


Head on over to my gallery page for more of my favourite images.

What’s coming up next?

For November I am going to focus my Sunday posts on my very favourite animal (next to my dog, of course) – elephants.  It just popped into my mind, and I like to try to go with my intuition.  There might be some photo art combined in there too, we shall see where inspiration takes me.

For those of you that are printing out the half fold or clipboard style calendar pages, here are your links for November and December:

Full Page Calendar for November and December

Half fold calendar for November and December




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