2020-02-10: Monochrome Monday

Happy Monday!  I am super grateful that I was able to get my computer back out of sick bay this weekend, complete with a new SSD drive, so hopefully it’ll be running well for a couple more years (at least).

I got the computer back, but haven’t actually had an opportunity to do anything with it in terms of editing.  Even with the system restore from a backup, there are little quirks that need to be addressed.

So here is a giraffe image I edited a few weeks ago and had ready to go.  These two were part of a group of about 6-8 that were spread out amongst the acacia trees.  We were on our way to check on a lion sighting from the previous day, so we didn’t spend too much time with these guys.  Not that we needed to rush to the lions; they had barely moved since the previous day.


Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

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